Handicraft schools are not only based in Shilla, but even in the nearby communities of Yungay, Marcara, Jangas, etc.
We visited Jangas school, where kids, from 12 to 18, learn how to cut and sculpt wood or stone. And the outcome is stunning, from carved furniture to stone sculptures sold all around the world.
For the visit of the Pope, some time ago, they built every detail of the altars, like if it was for anybody.
Here volunteers play a important role too, they host the kids, cook, clean, support and organize the logistic for the future artists. Once school is over, the kids can decide to stay as teacher sort to have their own business.
We haven’t visited a female school but them too learn how to weave, paint and create art crafts.
In Jangas, a part from the schools there is a show room where the samples are shown to the clients for sale. We suggest a visit if you’re passing from here, so the beauty won’t only come from the around mountains and we promise you’ll be breathless.

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