We are Davide and Selene, a lucky couple who have walked a long way separately until the first encounter. The opportunity to meet was at a wedding dinner (thanks to Silvia and Simone). It took patience and tenacity to find ourselves after many months, transformed but finally ready to walk keeping the same pace.
For years now we shared moments with our wonderful families and we changed two houses. Friends came and some are gone. We fell in love with theatrical improvisation (and with our classmates). We traveled as often as we could from Havana to Borneo, almost always in the company of extraordinary people (we love you Vagabondi) and, mostly, of our dreams. For one of these dreams we set a date (November 22), a place (South America) and a name (Caracoling).
But the best is yet to come.

She is past 30 years old but she never really overcame ageing,
at first she thought she wanted to be a lawyer,
then she discovered that the best job would be hosting the TV show “Wild”
she has an unchallenged passion for mint chocolate ice cream, worn and dirty Converse All Star, crime books and labradors retriever,
someone may say that her main meal is tea,
it is no coincidence that she hikes only if the goal is to reach a lookout point,
once she managed to listen only to raggaeton music for a a whole week,
for her every opportunity is good to say I love you,
if she could she would abolish first names in favour of nicknames
she has not yet discovered what her favorite type of pillow is.

He reaches almost 2 meters in height but retains the curiosity of a child,
at first he thought he wanted to become a professional volleyball player
then he discovered that the best job would be to live barefoot,
he has an unchallenged passion for LEGO, Star Wars, cooking and all sport as long as he is not just a spectator,
someone may say that he is not a real engineer,
it is no coincidence that when he has a goal he does everything to achieve it,
once he managed to swim in a mountain lake at 5 ° C water temperature,
for every opportunity is good to drink a cold beer in company,
if he could he would abolish the word “apericena”,
he has not yet discovered what he will do when he grows up.