During our second day in Rio the weather was very cruel and a part from the very first hours of the morning, it rained non stop.
First of all we visited the Selaron stair, a famous urban stair made of colorful azulejos attracting thousands of tourists. Then we run to Colombo pastries shops, a historic place which was born 125 years ago and which is visited by long queues of gourmand tourists.few minutes from there, an ancient wonder, Real Gabinete Portugues de Leitura, a wooden and golden library with ancient books, leaving breathless.
Then we do the intelligent ones and visited two museums: the MAR, built developed on a ancient and modern building and the TOMORROW, designed by Calatrava.
The MAR is difficult to understand, a museum about art, sailors, immigrants, the story of Brazil and of its population. A mix of images and sounds but with few explanation and exclusively in Portuguese.
The MUSEUM OF TOMORROW is a place where visitors are brought to think about their lifestyle, about the era we are living in, strongly influenced by humans and how humans are changing irreversibly the planet. We got many hints to respect more the planet and make our environmental impact better. Too pity that about the use of energy we totally disagree with the place. Avoiding a air conditioning at 18 degrees would be a perfect first step towards the right direction.

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