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Our long journey, slow and oriented to an ispiration, has been rich of experiences, amazing places, people we’d love to meet again. We hope it goes on like this.
Thanks to Lorenzo, met in the cold Patagonia in December, we got to know the existence of OMG refuges in Cordillera Blanca. Slowly we got there in June and spend some time firstly at Ishinca and then at Peru, being volunteers, managers, helpers, cooks, nurses and everything needed in a mountain refuge.
The first days were hard, intense and even discouraging. Then, also thanks to the support of Vale, e created a good team, and we worked perfectly. We have been given the refuge keys, an engineer, a lawyer and a tourist guide dealing with the guest welcome, general cleaning, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and even suggestion for their hikes. But at the end of our period as volunteers it was even harder, to leave it! We left a big piece of hearth at Ishinca, that has been home for more than 2 weeks, a house where we left our trace, both in the building and in the guests.
Thanks Ishinca, you gifted us with the most difficult and beautiful experience so far.
And it seems we did it. As Father Alessio told us, we were sent by providence. Or destiny, or karma, or our desire to wear different clothes, discover new worlds, look at windows we had never opened before.
We say goodbye to the refuges, not forever though, and we invite everyone who has sometime to spend to try this experience. It is tiring but satisfactory. And the time you invest in it will create a big value, to support the millions activities of OMG but, mainly, for yourself.

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