Here’s our destination the “capital” of Lençóis Maranhenses, or blue water lagoons among white sand dunes. The town is nice and alive and you notice is a massive touristic destination, but luckily we’re on low season. It has a beautiful promenade along the river, with restaurants, a nice fish market, untidy enough, and some dunes in the middle of the traffic. Or sand blocks used, obviously, as football courts; we’re in Brazil after all. We will stay here three days, or because we loved it so much. It’s just Sele decides to get a fever, few days after the Amazon, and few hours after a nice Italian pizzaiolo asked how we’re we “with dengue and malaria?”. Thank you Massimo! But luckily fever was just fever and antibiotics from home (the best, always) hit hard. So that in three days there’s time enough to get sick, panic, recover and have fun at Lençois. And then we are ready for another Brazilian journey, to get in (we hope) 24 hours, at the ocean!

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