Since we’re in Peru we get up early, with God Sun, but to reach the rainbow mountain or Vinicunga we need a wake up alarm. At 4. Mini van takes us and then start going around the streets of Cusco to collect all the tourists, till it’s full. Sleepy and excited for the day we meet Maddalena, Lavinia and Stefania, Italian students in Lima.
Finally we leave and with semi-closed eyes we enjoy the sky passing from night black to light blue. We are lucky today, clouds stay far from here.
The paved till Cusipata where we stop for breakfast. Coca mate, brad and jam and.. soup. And we were dreaming of eggs, toast and fruit!
With full belly but deceived mouths we start the most complicated part of the trip, gravel road, turns and works and one only way. After a hour and half during which Davide could actually sleep, we reach the starting point.
We get a stick and start hiking from 4.600 to 5.000. Following the right path is easy, a river of tourist is headed the same way, a part from horses taking other tourists who aren’t used to altitude or are simply lazy.
But the last 100 meters must be done walking, yes or yes. And those are very tiring.
When we get to the top we see the view is amazing, snowy picks, green valleys and her, the rainbow mountain. But we are quite disgusted by the mass of tourists, the 1 hour queue to take the best picture or the baby alpaca used as models for the Instagrammers.
Maybe we are used to altitude, but we are not tired and so we decide to extend the path. We reach the Red Valley, 30 minutes further, hiking on yellow, red and brown paths to get to the lookout point. Here, for us, it’s the real wonder. More than the famous one. It can be also because we are almost alone.
We descend to our van, to go back to Cusco and stop in Cusipata for the unmissable soup.
So far that’s the tour but we hope they will change it eventually, maybe a multiple days trekking to get to that place, cause the surrounding are wild and beautiful.

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