We didn’t even know it existed, or worthed a visit. Then Rodrigo and Mari told us about it, a dream place they say. Then we look at google images and we are thunderstruck. Then we find out the death road ends there. And finally even the bus to Rurrenabaque, our next destination, Amazon, passes from there. So let’s go!
Actually the town is picturesque, climbed up the green and humid hills. Often over the clouds, more often inside them.we chose a hostel with swimming pool to relax for a day. Well it will rain all the time and, by the way, the pool is fluo green and by no chance we are getting in there.
The hostel will be our worst since the beginning of our journey. Managed by French couple who showed up only at check in to ask for payment and then will delegate to the housemaid to tell us to not sit at the (empty) restaurant tables, we could disturb the clients (first, we are clients too, second, we are polite and clean, third, there will be nobody for the days we were there, and fourth the only alternative is uncomfortable stone chairs under the rain).
Even bugs pile on us, invisible, thousands of them, we found out they can give allergy to Sele who almost can’t walk due to the bites.
It’s true, we will find comedores for 10 bolivianos a lunch (1,3 Euros), the view is precious and we go forward with Blindspot on Netflix. But in general, we just wait anxiously in the middle of a Bolivian night,on a cross way, for our bus to Rurrenabaque, toward the Amazon!

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