Lençóis Maranhenses national park is unique. It’s a big desert of white sand, du Es shaped by the never ending wind, few green oasis here and there and, most of all, filled with crystal clear water lagoons. The sand is super thin and sticks to the skin since the very first step, but far from being annoying, it’s just one more excuse to run and dive into this sweet water.
Something irresistible, one doesn’t know if staying and enjoying the fresh water u dear the hot Brazilian sun, or of tiring up to the summit of the dune to dive again. Running, on the belly, rolling, everything counts!
To reach this amusement park of nature it takes a 4×4 from Barreirinhas, a boat to cross the river, and about 50 minutes of sand driving. We got there in the afternoon, when the sun is not too hot while you walk through the lagoons. Then the light starts changing into what they call golden hour, until the sunset behind dunes and lagoons, to be enjoyed quietly on a sandy pillow.
And the park is huge, endless, it changes after every step. Its name comes from the aerial view of the place, seemingly white sheets, drying under the sun and moved by the wind.simple, intuitive and perfect.

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