A small village where roads are vertical, to go around one must have good breath and mountain legs.
Here Father Alessio manages the parish made by many small communities on both side of the valley. The church is simple but beautiful and the parish house doors are always opened, both for the volunteers, from Italy or the rest of the world, and for the locals, entering for a snack or a chat in a cozy space.
Interact with them is not always easy because many speak only quechua, which we don’t, but we try to comunicate with gestures and smiles. But their face after a simple breakfast, their eyes full of gratitude and the smile on their sun burnt faces, it’s more explicit than any word.
Even this time luck helped us since we helped the parish with the Infiorata for the Corpus domini on Sunday. We went with the kids to look for flowers in the mountains, take care of the big bags of petals and even helped to decor the square with them.
But Shilla is more. There is a handicraft school to teach kids a job they can do for their life, becoming artisans or even artists. It’s a place that hosts the best way possible and which isn’t easy to leave. But we have a mission!

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