We reach Santarem during the night. We are in a port, in Brazil, 1 a.m., our stuff on us. Panic. But instead, the only real risk is not finding a hotel, since unexpectedly every hotel Diego. Our taxi driver, takes us to is full.then we find a place for the night, 30 euros per night! For our Colombian last is so much, but we have to get used to Brazilian higher cost of life.
From here on we are open the dark. We only know we want to reach the ocean and that to get there we have to go through the Amazon forest. So we spend our morning at the local “bus station” and finally here is our trans Amazonic plan: 4 hours minibus to Ruropolis, 8 hours minibus to Altamira, 12 hours minibus to Maraba. 24 endless hours of trans amazonic “highway”, or better said a sandy and muddy trail through vegetation, farms, villages, crossing rivers on boats and stopping every now and then to eat churrasco and meals by kg. From there we know we must get to Santa Ines. Then the dark, again. Let’s go!

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