Salvador de Bahia is literally spread over the second biggest bay in the world, that’s why it’s one of the few places in Brazil where you can see the sun rising and setting over the sea. So cool! And it’s also one of the sunniest cities in the world, and everybody knows the sun kisses the beautiful ones.
Another record is linked to its carnival, which is according go the Guinness Records the biggest party in the world! They aren’t so good in marketing though since Rio’s much more famous. The city has a long way following the coast, from the first lighthouse of the city, Faro de Itapua, to the one of Barra; beautiful and majestic. The place is filled with bracelets representing wishes and dreams given to the ocean and the wind to let them do their magic. Then there’s the famous Pelourinho, the colonial heart of Salvador, connected to downtown by a cheap elevator and fitting the visitors with amazing views of the bay, technicolor houses and lot of churches (someone says there’s one for each day of the year), and music, everywhere and every time.
Sunset is a must see from Ribeira’s beach. It’s not one of the richest areas of the town but the view on sunset is the best. We enjoyed it almost alone, feet in the sand a a cold beer in hand. The same place in Italy would be stuck with people and Spritz would cost 18 Euros.
One of the negative aspects of Salvador is the high traffic, intense at every hour. The only way to survive it’s by learning the Bahian mood: fatalism, slowliness, laughs and music. The secret of happiness.

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