In a almost year traveling we’ve met some old friends, as in Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador, and we always received so much. In Brazil, and exactly in Salvador de Bahia, we’ve been hosted by an Italian family, who decided, some years ago, to move here, to change their life. The friendship dates back to what Dave and Paolo played together at volleyball, never in the same team but often one against each other, still with the same joy. The family is large, Mario, Raffaella, Marco, Gio, Lorenzo, Paolo ed Emi opened their home to us, under the supervision of Cuchu, always looking for caresses and scratches. For 5 days we have been brought to visit the city, the bay by boat, we have been bbqing Brazilian style and cooking Italian style, we have been chatting a lot, with a melodic mix of languages and accents. It felt like home, despite the different weather and temperature
We wish everyone of them the best, and good luck with their fabulous Bed&Breakfast Trinacria (WOW). We look forward to see you in Milan or where the heart will take us.

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