The most dangerous road in the world is waiting for us. Unluckily it gains such name because of a sad statistic. Back when it was the only road connecting La Paz to Coroico it witnessed tons of accidents due to its awful conditions. Many fell down the abyss, often whole buses, trucks and cars. Now it’s used more as a touristic attraction since the traffic passes by the alternative road built few years ago and paved.
At 8.10 they come for us, instead then 8.39. Bolivian watches for the first time doesn’t run late. We get on the minibus to collect 3 guys from South Korea and 2 from Brazil.
With the driver Wilson and the guide Fernando we reach the summit of 4.700 mt. We received the bikes (old and multiple hands) and the equipment, a Spider-Man helmet for Nene and a blue one for Dave. We won’t loose each other during the way.
First part is to get used to the bike and lucky us it’s paved. A long and fast descent. Rules are few. Mainly, stay in the line, do not pass.
Obviously after the first 10 minutes passes start. Da e is almost crushed by a Brazilian with a issue in the wheel. Luckily we won’t have to test the safety equipment. At the end of the first part we get on the bus again for a short ride. Then the real start. A fast snack and let’s go!
Nene gets Fernando’s super bike because her is stoppeda d has an issue at a wheel. Sooo cool, the new one is actually much better and you get than 6.000 years!
We go down a gravel path, all turns, with a vertical abyss of hundreds meters on the left and in the middle of the clouds, just to limit visibility a bit more. Ah, and another peculiarity is that, as in commonwealth, here you take the left side of the street, still wondering why.
We go down and down and pass under small and big waterfalls, water pools. Due to a fall of part of the mountain cars can’t pass so we are alone, without Wilson as a bodyguard for our safety.
We must admit, after the first minutes to learn to trust the bike and ourselves we actually start to enjoy it, and the landscape. We pass over the clouds, than in them, and finally under them.
The last part to get to Yolosa is safer, we let us go and even pass 2 rivers, obviously getting super wet. But we are there, it’s over, a last effort, a small climb and down again to the hotel hosting us for lunch and swimming pool relax. We survived and we can prove it!

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