And so we start. We pass through the market to get our packed lunch: a mega bowl of rice, pasta, meat, farina and a gram or two of salad. 2 Euros. At 3 p.m. our minibusbus leaves. We don’t know if they call it minibusbe because of its size or of the seats impossible size, Playmobile only would fit there. First 4 hours go by uncomfortable but ok. We witness the passage of all the colors of sunset on the Amazon green. We get to Ruropolis with the dark. With the minimum acceptable late our second gnomebus arrives, older and rotter, to take us to Altamira. This part of the trail would normally lasts 8 hours, it will take 20. Half an hour after having left we stop. We are traveling on the transamazon, a long road cutting Brazilian Amazon. Some of it is paved, but not this one. It’s red mud and it’s small, only two cars can passo at the meantime. Reason why we stopped. A truck fell emptying on the road it’s heavy goods, occupying the whole available space.
All around us the jungle. Night sounds have already started, strange noises, movements in the dark. It’s super humid, plants breath out the heat they collected during the day. There are about 20 people around the truck, someone’s eating, other are chatting, nobody is working. We will stay like that all night long, sleeping bad and few, supervising the stalled works and staring at the moon while it rises over the black shapes of the trees, among the fog. We laugh thinking that someone is actually willing to pay to sleep inside the forest. Next morning in a flash everything’s ready and we can leave. 8 hours still waiting for us though, on that seats we have,earns to hate. We reach Altamira in the afternoon and find out the next nanobus is leaving at 16. A fast research on google and we find out also that Altamira is one of Brazil’s most dangerous towns, included a recent escalation of violence after a prison break. Ok, we will wait in the bus station. And here it comes our last microbus. Something of a rat trap and of a fridge. It will be 12 long hours. We arrive at Maraba at 4 a.m., even mosquitoes are full asleep. We are broken. But the destiny puts on our way a silly receptionist in the hotel in front of the terminal. We get a discounted room and no check in/out rule for us. Our journey hasn’t ended yet but we are now at the limits of Amazon and before us a last bus night on a semi bed seat (after months!). Then few hours to Barreirinhas and we will be done. Would we do it again? Maybe not. But from that windows we saw a whole new world pass by, poor but decent houses in the midd,e of the vegetation and a romantic halo, red mud covering cars, feet and lights, sunsets and sunrises you only see in documentaries, crossing the river in a balsa, lost villages but still having their 8/9 different churches, snacks, kg meals and shops named “god is trustful”, beautiful women, all colored kids, Afro, blond, blue eyes, green or black. Well, maybe we would do it again.

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