Quito is a long (50km) and stretch (8km) city, among mountains and volcanos. Well she is high too, 2850 mamsl. To see it from above there are three options. First one, the easy, cultural and mystic one, is the Basilica del Voto Nacional. It’s pretty new, the biggest neogothic in America, and it has a peculiarity. One can reach the top of its tower (80 mt) and walk right under the roof.
The typical, cheap but adrenalinic option is from the top of Panecillo (3000 mt), a hill with a Virgin on it. You get there through paths and steps which can be quite hidden and dark in some parts. From here the adrenaline; it happens that criminals wait for tourists to pass by to rob them. It didn’t happen to us, we enjoyed the summit eating a honey pancake.
The third one, the complicated, expensive but also scenic one, is reaching the nearby Pichincha volcano. A cable car let you reach 3.945 my and from there many trails start, to the summit.
The view is breathtaking.
But it can be better. It can be enjoyed from the highest swing we have ever been on.

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