We are a long way from home, mostly run fast. Being late on our commitments, chasing work and education needs, seldom in step with the trends, struggling to combine passions, love and duties. It gave us many satisfactions, that’s true. But we often asked ourselves what could make us even happier. Some items on the list we couldn’t achieve, but we promised not to give up on the others.

Caracoling (here we explain the reason of the name) was born, as the best things, from hardship. It realizes our willing to travel slowly, to know deeper the people we meet on the road, to make it by ourselves. Mostly, we are moved by the need to find inspiration and to find out hidden skills, to be surprised by the New and the Different, to imagine what to do when we will grow up. We left our jobs and our careers, for an adventure, starting from The End, of The World (here we explain why we chose South America), and then? We didn’t set any limit, in time or place, since we have nothing to lose but an entire world to see.