To taste Colombia from the very beginning we can’t miss two milestones of Popayan cuisine, the Mora Castilla restaurant and the Doña Chepa pastry shop.
The 3 delicious courses of the first place are “Empanadas de Pipián” perfectly fried, stuffed with potatoes and peanuts and served with a quite hot peanut sauce, “Pipian tamales” cooked in banana leaves, stuffed with potatoes, peanuts and pork and accompanied by the same sauce and “Carantanta con hogao” being corn flour sheets with onion, tomato and tree tomato sauce. Super tasty.
And to quench your thirst a nice glass of “Salpicón Payanes” a smoothie / granita made with blackberries, lulo and guanábana.
Choosing the best it’s hard.
As a post-lunch we passed by Doña Chepa and her sweet aplanchados, sweets very similar to millefoglie biscuits. The recipe, learned from a French chef and then modified, is a secret kept for over 70 years.
And while we were in line waiting for our turn, she appeared, more than 90 years old, and she proudly walked through her photos on the walls with Colombian authorities of several decades. Maybe she is the real famous person.

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