One of our greatest fears along the trip. It seemed so far, complicated because the mass tourism forced to build around it a money machine. Entrance must be bought in advance or, especially in high season, they run out of them. Inca Trail the 5 days trekking ending entering at sunrise from the Sun door is fully booked since months ago. We approached this world wonder with a lot of anxiety. But we were wrong. We could buy our ticket couple of days before the trip, the 6 a.m. entrance was out but getting there at 7 a.m. is the same for us (or better, sleeping one hour more).
Wake up would be early anyway, it that’s better since we are hiking to the site, following our backpacker mood.
A one hour climbing the steps to the top, among the forest, at 7 we are already sweating We understand we reached the summit when we hear the parking sensors of the many buses taking hundreds of tourists to the entrance gate. Most of e this way to get her, for 12 Euros each way. They are a lot.
We are to,d they admit a maximum of 5.000 tourists per day, since janu ar. Before then, it was 7.500. But so many people are jeopardizing the place.
We abandon the idea of hiring a guide after we are confirmed their price is 60 dollars (or 10 if you wait for a group to be collected) and, moreover, the guided circuit does not include half of the site.
We don’t want to miss anything, so, Italianly, we go around as if we are observing every rock but, instead, catching pieces of explanations front eh other groups. In English, Spanish or French. To our excuse, in Machu Picchu privacy is not allowed, paths aren’t large and each one is always close to the others, so we hear them when we don’t listen to them.
So we find out Machu Picchu was re-discovered by a Us explorer, Hiram Bingham on July 24, 1911. Spanish conquerors ha never seen it, nor they knew about it. A few other outsiders had seen it in the years before Bingham, but he was the one who revealed it to the world at large and it made him famous. The character of Indiana Jones is thought to owe something to him. Although he was convinced to have found the last Inca resiste c’è city, it’s knowing today that it was a recreational place where Incas spent some time, built from 1400 but never finished.
The location makes it miraculous. More than 150 buildings, built with stones of even 55 tons, cut and transported on a mountain pick by a population that didn’t know iron or wheel. To avoid the falling of the city, they built more than 600 hundred terraces, cultivated or planted with flowers.
We walked a lot for about 4 hours, it’s tiring especially when getting to the highest spots such as the sun door. But what a view! Not even tourists can be spotted from here, and the place takes back its enchant. Undoubtedly there is magic flowing here but it’s not easily perceived being so filled with gringos posing. But everything leaves you breathless. One must see it to believe it.
And as it should always be done, one must look for a place apart, put away the camera, sit down, breath and feel the holiness of this mountain, hugging one of the 7 world wonders, just like this, in silence, without much clamor, since hundreds years.

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