As soon as we figured out that we could do rock climbing here in Huaraz we had no doubts.
Finally we have been able to put into practice Anna’s teachings received at Manga gym in Milan.
We had a thousand doubts, because it’s been a long time since we climbed on a wall, but above all because it’s our first time on rock.
After a hearty breakfast, which we never miss in our mornings, we got the equipment and we reached Los Olivos a few minutes far from the city. With us Junior and Martin, our guides, and 3 Canadian girls.
We wore the harnesses, remembered how we do the 8 shape knot, done and redone during the course to reach perfection and unfortunately put on the very painful climbing shoes that are called cat foot here. At first hold we realized that our skin’s sunscreen is the worst enemy of a firm grip, so with the white hands of magnesite we started. The highest route was 18 m and during the ascent we took a rest a few times, to the delight of Anna.
It doesn’t seem true, but we climbed for 5 hours, changing 7 different ways, from grade 5A to 6C. And from all of these you can see an amazing panorama.
We were so much into climbing that we didn’t even have lunch, and eventually tired but happy we rewarded ourselves with a home-made aperitif with a cold beer, here called “chela al polo”.

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