Although it’s beautiful to just walk in the center with colonial buildings, wood balconies and churches, outside it’s not as enchanting as in downtown. It may be because of the depressing weather. But Lima still is a huge capital, hosting more than 10 millions inhabitants, modern and filled with things to do, all the time.
We were lucky because while we were there they celebrated a street festival, joining all the street disciplines such as street art, rap, hip hop, bmx.
Then we also crossed a procession of people dressed in colors faking a sort of fight/dance typical of Cusco.
Lima never sleeps. At 7 a.m. of a Sunday morning we met hundred super heroes. They were running the 10km run dressed as the Justice League.
A part from Mitaflores the other modern and European barrio is Barranco. It is also known as the artist district because it hosts many art galleries and street art. In Barranco you can also find the bridge if sighs. They say you have to think about a desire and then cross it without breathing to have it fulfilled. We did it twice, just in case.

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