We discover the true Lima during the next two days. Starting from the historic downtown, which is beautiful and with plenty of museums.
First of all the name Lima comes from Rimac, the river passing through the city. It means speaker because in the past this was a place where religious sites were and oracles. Spaniards started calling it LIma because indigenous couldn’t pronounce r and that’s what they heard. It was founded by Pizarro in 1535 and he is engraved here in the cathedral.
They say the oldest point of the town is the fountain in the middle of the main square. It is so important for locals that last year during the national day of Pisco in July, they used Pisco instead of water but had to suspend it soon because pure Pisco is too strong.
The square and the center are all UNESCO heritage sites, so well kept that despite the presence of government palaces, it is forbidden to protest here, to preserve the place from any possible injury. The place is filled with tourists every day for the change of the guard, an operation of about two hours while the band plays covers such as Despacito or the Avengers soundtrack.
The city center hosts the Dominican church which is known to be the first university in South America and where Mario Vargas Llosa graduated. We find out he’s genius and chaos. In fact at the age of 83 he is going to be married for the third time to Enrique Iglesias’s mum but his former wives where his aunt (divorced from his uncle) and then his cousin. Good job Mario!
Downtown also hosts the Panamericana and a railway which was known to be the highest in the world, with passages at 4.800 mt, until Chinese decided to build a higher one in Tibet.
Finally, we visited San Francis church, famous for its azulejos coming from Spain and art pieces and for its library. But most of all it attracts tourists for its catacombs, where many locals were buried in the past. Today their skeletons have been put artistically in a way we felt to dishonor them.

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