A destination included in every instagram profile for those passing close to Huaraz. Every agency offer a day tour to get there, but we didn’t take it.
It’s located inside the National Park of Huascaran, with other 400 lagoons, proclaimed in 1975. Back then not all lagoons had a name, that’s why the numbers. This one was the number 69. Getting there is relatively easy for those who love to trek. From Cebollapampa there’s a path that take directly to the lagoon, or you can pass from the Peru Refuge, maybe sleep a night there enjoying the 5 stars cuisine and service by the OMG Volunteers and then, after a good breakfast, get there easily.
The trail is not of the simplest but it’s very well indicated.
The hike reaches a 5000 mamsl then descends to the intense blue of the lagoon. The bravest can even enjoy the iced waters, reminding the Caribbean for the colors but not for the temperature, and swim at a crazy altitude.
From the refuge you reach the lagoon in 2,30 hours (included the pauses to rest) and if reached early in the morning, the lagoon can be enjoyed in solitude. Just some birds and a lonely duck.

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