The wind carried us from Etto to Daniel, from the expert hands of a grown-up German wind surf teacher to the young hands of a future (we wish it) champion of Cumbuco.
We liked Daniel from the first moment for his attitude, always calm and relaxed.
As everybody told us, kite is like bicycle, when you learn how to go you will never forget it. We started from the level reached in Riohacha, easily, and we went directly in the water. The second day was our first day with the board. We fell, drank lot of salty water, lost our sunglasses in the sea but we could navigate, sometimes fast.
The most important thing is to “feel the kite” as Daniel repeated us. And when you can feel it, when you can connect with it like the movie Avatar, everything is good, also the falls.
Thanks Etto, the first hours with you were useful, thanks Daniel for going ahead with them and thanks Pacha Mama for the perfect conditions of sea, wind and sun to reach the target.

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