Our welcome to Huaraz smelled of bread. On the road from the bus terminal to the hostel we followed the scent of a home-made bakery. We followed also the advice of the locals and we bought fresh bread, just taken out from the oven. And while it was still hot we ate a couple of them.
This city is surrounded by high and very high mountains, there are several hikes, almost all in the Huascaran natural park, 300 km of amazing mountains. So beautiful that Paramount has chosen one of these peaks for its well-known logo. Agencies can offer walks from 1 to 14 days, all inclusive, the only requisites necessary are well-trained legs and lugs. And in addition to trekking you can find bungee jumping from bridges, ice climbing, horseback riding and canyoning (but without high dives, so for us it’s a big NO, despite the impro-teachings).
The sun of 3,000 m is very hot during the day, so much so that we always have sunscreen in your pocket, but in the evening, after a spectacular sunset, you feel cold and you need a jacket.
A point against this city is that despite the traffic is practically non-existent, even here, as in the rest of Peru, the horns begin to play with the singing of roosters. Often without any reasons.
We spent our 3 days in Huaraz waiting for a new project that we will talk about later, but even here we have not been stopped.

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