We get up at 8 and find out we are out of water. Tonight everything frozed so we must wait the sun to to his job. We have a hearty and relaxed breakfast and then get out to use some sun heat too and breath the pure air.
Two Korean guys arrive and Julia, the only Cholita guide in Bolivia; they will both join us for the hike.
We organize our staff and backpacks for the high camp: keeping bag, heavy jacket, waterproof trousers, mountain boots, ice crampons, ice axe, helmet and front light, moreover all our clothes to protect us against the cold.
After lunch we leave. With about 15 kg on our backs we passed through the glacier where we practiced yesterday and few meters above the 5.00 we pay the entrance fee and get the chance to use the highest toilet ever used! From now on the path gets harder, no more gravel but stones, often moving under our feet, getting the walk even harder. A group of condors passes by very close to us, they call them “Ave Maria” and there are believed to bring good luck. Of course we trust them! After a 3 hours hike we get to high camp, the highest, right where the glacier starts. Here afternoon sun is very hot!
To recharge we have a snack and then just cook under the sun, observing how it sets behind the summit.
It’s true we are experiencing the sunset here but dinner is served at 4.58 p.m.! We manage to fo our offer to Pachamama with coca leaves, so precious at this altitude, t mate and some stones brought up here from the base camp.
And today too we are going to bed at 8 p.c. Because wake up will be very early. Dorm is super full, more than 40 people under the same refuge roof and few guides must sleep outside because of the lack of space.

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