A challenge, between us and nature, with our bodies, mainly a challenge with our minds.
We decided to give it a try with one of the highest summits in Bolivia. Agencies in La Paz offer the same packages to get to the summit: 2 days and 1 night for the expert and 3 days and 2 nights for the beginners, like us. Since the night before we were excited and worried, we have never been so high. The days in the capital got us used to 3.600 mt but we have 2500 more to reach.
We try the equipment and found out surprisingly they have even Davide’s sizes. With our adventure partners, Prisca and Andreas, we pack up everything and jump on the minubus; Javier will drive us to base camp. Before saying goodbye we greet the guys just arrived from the adventure; still exited they confirm it’s a total rush.
Fast lunch and we get dressed to go practicing to the glacier, and getting used to 4700 mt. With our guides Ronald and Javier (not the driver) we learn the hiking techniques and then, just to have fun because we won’t need it, we ice climb on a vertical ice wall! It’s few meters but still so tiring. To be honest, on the southern wall of the mountain the expert alpinist, and the bravest climb just like this for about 400 mt and 4 hours.
We go back to base camp for a coca mate snack and some cookies. Few minutes later we are served dinner, and at 7.30 p.m. bed time inside our sleeping bags. There’s no heating here nor hot water. Guides tell us we must sleep a lot because tomorrow we won’t have the chance. But it’s too hard and we don’t succeed.

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