Since we miss a part of Valle Sagrado and around Cusco is full of beautiful spots, we decide to rent a motorbike for the day. It’s not as the one we had in Copacabana, for instance this is one works!
Leaving the city the first stop is in Saqsayhuaman. It’s a he Spaniards called fortress. The walls are still high and massive, huge stones one on the other. It’s a place surrounded by mystery, about who url it, and mainly why and how. The legend we liked the most tells that the Incas discovered that a specific plant could make stones soft and easy to combine one close to the other, then after few minutes the stone gets back to its original hardness. It seems that a religious man could actually find out which plant if was and soften the stones, but he couldn’t reverse the process.
Maybe it’s for the enchantment of the perfection of the cuts, or the fact that they are dated back to a ore Inca civilization 10.000 years prior, or maybe that the building is particularly studied to fit with the sun and stars, but this is known to be a top spot for energy seekers.
We will find out that actually the whole region is being more and more a destination for energy fan, masters seekers and mistic explorers. Apparently the earth chakras are moving and South America is gaining the place Tibet and India once had.
Us, ignorant of all that, just get on the bike and roared to Quenqo, a very strange place, with tunnels under the stones used for sacrifices (of lamas not people). Then Puca Pucará, a Inca residence when he went hunting around Cusco, and Tambomachay his personal spa. The place is amazing, we can imagine the Inca relaxing under a fresh water after a hunting day.
We just go hunting Alpaca, the rebel ones who try to esame their Shepard. We improvise Shepards of alpaca and take the dogs’ job, not that they complain since they are lazily walking around.
We take our way to Pisac, among valleys opening at each turn, lu sky, mountains full of terraces or fields. Th panorama is wonderful and more if enjoyed with full belly. Along the road, overlooking those amazing views, there’s a small restaurant serving Chancho (pork) al palo (bbq). Before we even decide if to stop we are reached by the owner with a some pieces to taste. Two chanchos please and a golden Cusqueña!! One of the best country lunches ever! Sad,y we don’t order a third, but we must leave.
We reach the town of Pisac, place of yoga schools and natural healing places, and we hike to the ruins, in the top of the mountain.
The archeological site is bigger than Machu Picchu and requires walking skills. What we liked the most of this place is the 360 view. We chose a home for us, a beautiful garden and a patio. Of course the roof is missing and some furniture too but we know we will feel cozy.
We go back to Pisac where there’s one of the most notorious artisan fair of the region. But it’s us the same old tourist trap. Not that we wouldn’t fall in it: Alpaca scarfs, hats, gloves… luckily our backpacks are already full and too heavy to be tempted!

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