They say the real adventure is to get here. That’s why even the most expert backpackers get here by flight; 35 minutes but al ost 100 Euros. We will get here by bus, from Coroico. It should take 12 hours, it will take more. There are 2 main issues here. First,busses are old, uncomfortable and dirty. Second, main issue, it’s the road. Some parts of it are excavated inside the rocks. Some parts of it allow only one car (and we will cross thousands of trucks). Some parts of it are gravel. Some parts of it have endless and a gulag Ed turns. Good pars not spotted. During the rainy season you don’t know if you leave and you don’t know if you arrive. We did, both (despite waiting for hours at a crossway), and even had a bit of sleeping on the bus.
We arrive in Rurrenabaque feeling as if we left Bolivia for Thailand, for its vegetation and humid heat. In fact, from the terminal to downtown we will catch a tuk tuk!!
The town has developed on the shore of the beige and chocolate river Beni. It’s a place of hostels, restaurants, agencies and shops. It keeps a Bolivian soul though, mass tourism hasn’t reached this place yet, but it’s coming close.
From here you can visit the jungle of Madidi park or the Pampas; we will chose the second. For the jungle we will see, if plans goes on we will cross it in Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Let’s see if we get courage eventually!

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