In South America, the passion for football is even stronger than in Italy. In our more than 8 months of travel, the second question after our origin has always been what our favorite team was, and our response is always the same, we don’t like football.
We found Baggio fans, Milan fans, Buffon fans and in every park or square (sometimes even in the middle of the street) someone who kicked a ball. No age restrictions (like here).
Here in Ecuador there is another great protagonist, volleyball. We were astonished, we saw volleyball courts with very high nets and cement bottom, but above all a lot of passion.
Only then we discovered that it is Criolla volleyball, a sport with more than a century of history. The field is 9×18 m, the net is 2.85 high, it is played by teams composed by 3 person, with a soccer ball and is worth almost everything. Touches that do not exist in the real volley, wooden board to mark the points and again the rule of the side out.
But if during the day it is exciting, the evening is spectacular. Around the court come fry food stalls, artisan ice cream vendors, fridges full of drinks and lots of spectators.
Including also Davide, because despite the volleyball played for more than 20 years is different, every Ecuavolley player puts all the effort to win, but above all, he spends all his time with a smile on his face.
Exactly our idea of ​​sport.

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