We loved Cusco, it’s full of things to do; here’s our personal top 5.
1) San Pedro Market
Designed by Mr Eiffel himself it resisted the 1950 huge earthquake without damages. Inside there are spots d dictated to fruit, vegetables, meat, and a restaurant ara, each speciality with its space. And since we are far from the sea, why not try a Trout and Pejerrey ceviche.
A part from the curious tourists, the market is full of locals mamitas doing their daily shopping. Before leaving it you should be tempted by the fresh fruit juice , a must do in Cusco.
2) Plaza de Armas
Now it’s much smaller than the one designed by the Incas but it’s still the center of Cusco life. The cathedral and Jesuit church look at each other while the ark in the middle of the square is always moving. Celebrations, protests, local bands. You never get bored here. Around the square the arches cover many tourists agencies and restaurant for every need, even if it gets impossible to just walk without being bothered every two steps.
The square is huge, the cathedral is there, an old Noble Inca palace, hosting, for what we know, a last supper with Andes food, a Starbucks, again a former noble Inca palace where virgins were educated to be good wives for the Inca and his nobles, a KFC and a Jesuit church. Obviously in order of importance.
If Cusco was the world’s navel Cusco was the navel of the navel.from here all the streets started, 50.000 km of roads, limited by walls, going through the mountains and the forest.
3) San Blas
From the center you have to walk for half an hour, climbing the streets and hard steps but then when you get there you can rest close to the church and the fountain changing colors during the night. It’s maybe because it’s hard to get there despite being a super tourists area, but it’s totally different from downtown. It’s a place of art, bars, lifestyle.
4) Lookout points.
Cusco is a city to climb. Lookout points are a must do to enjoy the view over the city and the view of the mountains hugging it. Our favorite was San Cristobal, literarily sacrificing your lungs for a superior good, a great picture of the town. No kidding, it’s Limbus with a Pisco.
5) Downtown.
Walking it, smelling, tasting and listening. Cusco is actually a very beautiful city and downtown is it’s pretty face. Loosing yourself in it, it’s the best suggestion we can give.

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