The past week we have visited wonderful places. The past week we have entered in Machu Picchu holding hands!
We could never imagine this journey without each other. We are enjoying every moment of it, as well as sharing the problems and pains, together. And it seems like things are better when shared. That issues are solved faster. Emotions are more vivid or moments more magic. We talk about our dreams while fulfilling them. But traveling we noticed that this isn’t true for everybody. Many are solo traveler, and love it. They say they get to know more about people, they have more freedom to chose where to go and what to do. We talked a lot about this. Sele would never travel alone, Dave would. But we never really tried. Is it true that some experiences should be done alone? Traveling in group or couple can really influence the way we get to know a place? Do solo traveler ever feel lonely or miss company?

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