So far we met very few Italians. Almost nobody in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Someone in Brazil and Bolivia. They were tourists, some of them nearly talked to us. Why? Because we are Italian too. That’s weird but we understand many people don’t want to spend time with their nationals while traveling. One guy even talked to us only in Spanish pretending to have forgotten Italian after few months traveling in South America. We laughed about it but we are sorry for him. Italians are amazing! Not that other nationalities aren’t but why excluding Italians just because you are abroad? Peru was a big change, especially last week.
We met not only many Italians but mainly nice, interesting, kind and lovely Italians. We would love to use this post to thank them all because we are always looking for good vibes and love and they just gave us what we need. Thank you Valentina, we knew you for a second but felt like being with a lifetime friend and hope to see you in Costa Rica soon. Thank you Eleonora, Alice, Licia, Eva for welcoming us in Cusco as friends, and for doing what you do, helping people and spreading happiness, you all rock! Thank you Maria, for sharing tasty burgers while sharing your story, we would have spent hours there just bothering you while you were working, you are the perfect example of Italian hospitality and kindness. Thank you Cecilia for your welcome in Huacachina, we felt like we were being hugged, literarily. We are grateful for meeting you all.

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