This last week was spent enjoying our time in Cumbuco, a beautiful neighborhood of Fortaleza, famous for kite surfing. Here, in a hostel that became a house, we met many people. Most of them not usually considered young folks backpacking the globe. On the other hand, they were in their forties or fifties. But still, they managed to find a way to spend three or more months per year in this paradise, doing what they love (kiting) enjoying their time with new and different people. Not so much money to count on, but a lot of free time to invest in their happiness. Not the usual “adult” life we are used to though. But, what if we “normal” are wrong? What if life is really one and deserves to be spent happily. What if work-earn-spend-die isn’t the actual way to achieve self realization. What if a family can survive with less money and more free time together. What if anyone of us can do like them, and there’s no excuse to avoid being happy?

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