For neophytes as Sele, wrestling is a discipline which sees fighters faking a fight without actually hurting each other. It’s a show more than a fight. Well, a group of cholitas went to the USA and asked for the acknowledgement by the wrestling authorities and now fights in Bolivia under the name of Cholita Wrestlers. Could we miss them?!
In a cold warehouse in El Alto a ring is built. The public is half local half gringos (we want there with Mari and Rodrigo to respect the percentage). There’s the semi-naked announcer, Ricky the referee, the speaker and the cheerleaders. Then them, the cholitas, each one making her entrance with dances and traditional music or reggaeton. They wear multicolored dresses and throw nasty looks to the contenders while inciting the public to yell their names: Pepita, Angela, names like this. Not really dangerous and scaring fighters names!
But they actually fight hard (even if faking), they di acrobatic moves, moving their wide skirts in the air, they jump up and down the ring and argue with the public when they disagree (“pigs” shouts one to the public, “chicken” yells back the audience). People cheers their beloved, warning them about the dangers and yelling their names, while insulting the other, throwing pop corn bags or coke (hitting us on the way). A granny in the first row starts a chorus “maricon” against the corrupted referee. Some girls throw coke bottles to their fighter so that she can spit it on the face to the opposers. They pull each other’s braid, pull themselves against the other, tie their legs around the other’s neck and throw her on the floor. No pity!
We will leave the place with Fanta in our hairs, no voice and a dream, when we will grow up, to be a cholita wrestler.

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