The last country we say goodbye to. The giant one, endless, so different from the rest of South America, being itself alone the half of It. We loved it to the bones, we learned serenity and slowliness from it, we make ours the receipt of happiness: music and smiles. It has so many words inside, and we will miss all of them! And here our personal list of the unmissable 5, even though it’s as usual not enough to cover this half continent:
1) getting wet under Iguaçu waterfalls;
2) Bonito, the highest caves, snorkeling in the emerald waters;
3) the absolute wonder of Itaimbezinho canyon;
4) Lençois Maranhenses, unmissable;
5) learning how to kite surf in the turquoise ocean of Cumbuco.
It doesn’t fit the 5 because it is not a place but an experience: sailing along the Amazon River, lulled by the hammocks. And finally, what we leave for the next trip: Carnival, in Salvador de Bahia!

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