Arequipa is called the white town. At first we thought that maybe it was for the many white colonial buildings. It reminded us of Ostuni, and made us willing to see the sea and eat a octopus sandwich. Then we found out that’s for the fact that it was inhabited mainly by white people. Arequipa was founded by the Spanish not on a former Indigenous town but mainly a rest place for travelers, so the white population beat the indigenous one very soon.
The city is beautiful, in her historic center, well kept and with a pretty main square. It has a peculiarity, from almost everywhere you can spot the volcanos surrounding it, especially the Misti.
We walked through the historic barrio of San Lazaro (very celebrated but sincerely just a couple of nice streets) and through downtown.
We even had a pizza but weren’t actually satisfied. Much better the ceviche at the market. But must of al the iced cheese (queso helado), a ice cream ser de in sílices as if it esa a cheese. Obviously we had the best in town, Doña Rosa’s. Hera secretaría ingredient? Always use fresh milk.What we liked the most here was the monastery of Santa Catalina, a top place to visit.
Moreover most tourists come here to visit the Colca Canyon, a spectacular one judging by the pictures. That’s is how we knew it. And skip it to have a good reason to come back on our next trip to Perù.
We must follow our desires and finally head to the ocean, after loooong time (with just a small desertic deviation).

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