How’s our ordinary day in Ishinca? What do we do? No doubt we rest almost never but, despite the fatigue, we have a lot of fun.
6.45 wake up for breakfasts, starting at 7.00
8.00 we have breakfast, bread, jam and biscuits. What’s available (and cakes, but of course they should be tried before sale or not?)
9.00 first of the endless dish washing and then cleaning of the dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms and turning, everything else. Tiding up of the storages. This is Selene’s favorite, she is so fond of tiding everybody elses’s stuff.
11.00 lunch starts, from the menu, and obviously everybody order at the same time. Pastas, fries, soups.. Moreover usually exactly at this time porters with donkeys come, and carry the supply for the refuge, which must be weighed, registered and stored. And our lunch??
11.30 and here we are the guests arrive. Show the room, explain the rules, meet every necessity. Never stop smiling. But, to be sincere, that’s the easiest part. Here we receive mountain lovers, and they usually have beautiful stories to tell and beautiful souls.
13.30 we can finally have lunch
14.00 we tide up the dining room and spend some time with guests staying in, better if sharing a real Italian moka espresso
15.00 we enjoy few minutes of relax to rest, clean our clothes at open air, with the river water. Usually we are still cooking though, people here come at every hour, hungry from the hikes
16.00 we start preparing dinner, at evening guests are served a menu, a first course, a main one and a dessert. Cross fingers that no one else come with a untold booking.
18.00 we prepare the tables
18.30 dinner starts (meanwhile olympics of dish washing)
19.30 once dinner is over we clean the tables and start gossiping. Who ate everything, who not, those who feel they are “special”. Match starts to avoid being at the dish washing position. Now it’s the moment of the big pots with burnt rice.
20.00 dinner for us, same menu and the guests
21.00 we prepare the tables for breakfast, especially for those who wake up at 2 a.m. or around to get to the summit
22.00 we clean the kitchen and wait for the last guests to go sleeping
22.30 if everything goes as it should, we can enter in our pajamas and get under the 5 heavy blankets, to fight the cold and wind, if it goes better we stay and enjoy some drinks with the nicest guests.
22.35 in the latter case, we fall asleep, sitting.

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