We cared about Cochabamba. She hosted us for an entire week without asking to be visited. Last week, in fact, we rested a lot, in a beautiful house, in the posh part of the city. It is the third city of Bolivia and downtown is a real mess while, where we were residing, rewards for lost dogs amounted to 600 US dollars!
To explain what we intend as mess, Cochabamba hosts the biggest market in South America. Actually is a sort of fake because the record is fulfilled only by joining many different markets, each one with its speciality, but since they are all close they are treated as one. We were there on Sunday and it was a real party.
Despite the fact that micro buses passes among the market with their smelly exhaust gas, the fact that stalls with tables and stove are placed to occupy the whole sideway, and that to walk there means trying to avoid the feet, hands, food on the trail, well despite all that we got hungry.
But we got a little bit farther from the mess. We chose a self proclaimed gastronomic fair, like a country fair only in downtown. Something started not to fit when music started and we noticed that the chairs were dedicated to the “biblical seminary”. Yes, we ate fish and meat bbq with and from the hands of a hundred noisy Jehova’s witnesses.
Another beautiful walk in Cochabamba is the one to climb up to the Christ statue (this post is taking a strange path). Actually it’s also the place to enjoy the most beautiful view on the city, and on the mountains surrounding her, overlooked by a giant statue of Jesus. Well, the hugest, in the world.
It’s 34,2 mt high, 40,44 with its base. Only the head is 4,64 mt and it’s weight is about 2,200 tons.
It may be the altitude or the hurry to get there before sunset but we have never felt so much need for oxygen. Well, we are getting ready for the next harder adventures in La Paz.
Of Cochabamba we loved her banality, something you miss a lot when traveling, so much that it turns into extraordinary. Buying food at the supermarket to prepare home dinners, the idea to go the cinema killed by the endless queue of people waiting for the Avengers, chatting with the doorman and with the butcher.
We didn’t see Bolivian “Jurassic Park” because it was quite far and pretty expensive but we will leave it for the next trip to this surprisingly beautiful country. We can’t run out of future destinations so soon.

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