Once we arrive in Recife our backpackers’ mood declines; we take an Uber to go to our colorful gay friendly hostel in downtown. Recife is beautiful and sunny, on a blue ocean, a bit decadent though. So once our backpacks finally lay in our dorms we get into Recife’s mood, put on some colorful dresses and start the visit. We start with Olinda, an enchanting town very close to Recife. Than during the evening we visit downtown and cross some bridges with a very impactful view. Among skyscrapers and colonial buildings we see many favelas. The locals warn us not to walk with our mobiles in the hand. But,luckily, their warnings end up being exaggerated.
We only missed Recife’s beach life, but with a reason. Since weeks this ara has been hit by a big quantity of oil in the ocean. No hints of where it comes from but the lates analysis say it is Venezuelan. So we go ahead with no regrets.. heading Salvador!

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