We reach Río after montes of doubting to even get here. We always thought it would have made a perfect final but it seemed so far! And here we are. Even though not really in a classic Rio postcard. It rains and the sky is grey, few locals dare to show their bodies in tiny swimsuits. But it’s beautiful, with her endless ocean caressing the long beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. The magic is in the atmosphere, the beach isn’t a place but a state of mind. We finally could see people playing at the very local football-beach volley and stare at phenomenal players. The view from every corner of the beaches is outstanding but we probably fell more in love with the one from Ipanema. If it wasn’t for the clouds it would have been a memorable sunset. Even because you can enjoy it sipping a frozen caipirinha prepared directly on the beach and pays by credit card.

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